I’m on a cinema diet. It’s budget-imposed and is particularly difficult as it has come at a time when there’s a ridiculous number of films I’d love to see.

asingleman1A Single Man – partly because it gives me hope that one day, when I’m wealthy and successful for something else entirely, I’ll be able to turn around and say, “Yeah, now I’m going to make a film” and for it not to be a horrible, horrible failure. Partly because it’ll be so stylish it’ll make me feel as though I’m stylish just for going to see it. Partly because I want to see Colin Firth do something that’s worth seeing. But mainly because I love Julianne Moore, who I’ve loved since Benny and Joon. Who am I kidding, I love everyone in Benny and Joon.

Crazy Heart – It stars Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal. What’s not to love? Also, I’m a sucker for a good washed-up-musician-based story.

Exit Through the Gift Shop – I’m a bit over Banksy but I’m intrigued by his foray into film making. I have no real clue what the film is about, whether it’ll make sense or if it’d be worth my hard earned cash to see it at the cinema. But if nothing else, I have a feeling it would make me laugh.

precious-movie-poster-cinema-blend-thumb-400x592-149161Precious -  I know it will make me weep like a child and I think that’s why I want to see it. I’d also like to see what Mariah Carey’s got to offer – don’t you just love it when pop star divas agree to ugly-down for a role? “Look how serious I am, I’m pretending to be unattractive for god’s sake!”

Shutter Island – The trailer for Shutter Island did the rounds a good few months ago, back when it was slated for release before Christmas ’09. When I saw the trailer on the big screen, it looked like such a dark and gripping period film that I’ve been waiting impatiently for its release ever since. Finally – FINALLY – it’s out on March 12th. I also think Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his generation. If you want to dispute that, I’ll point you in the direction of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? thank you very much.

Un prophète – I haven’t heard much about Un prophète, but what I have heard has been accolade after accolade from people whose film-based opinions I have actual respect for.

The Princess and the Frog - just to see how Disney did.